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Whether you are looking for extra income or just extra space in your home, bring Premier Pawn & Jewelry your extraneous valuables. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly accept jewelry, coins, electronics, tools, and musical instruments. Check out our items we accept page for a more complete list.

What to expect when you sell to Premier Pawn & Jewelry

Our staff is trained and highly experience in assessments, including a GIA certified diamond appraiser. Price calculations are based on condition, ability to resell, and other technical factors. You can easily confirm if we accept your items by calling or texting us today at (707) 639-9161.

If you have an item we may be interested in, feel free to text us and send us pictures of the item to see if we are interested, call to get a general quote, or just bring it in! Keep in mind that we generally take in items that are in good to great condition, and are in working order. Make sure your electronics are charged enough to test, and that you have any accounts or passwords available. See you soon!

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